Wien ByzNeo / Vortrag S. Souvlatzi: The social dynamics of the household and the processes

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Stella Souvatzi (Hellenic Open University)
The social dynamics of the household and the processes of Neolithisation
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The study of households and everyday life is recognised as fundamental in a wide range of disciplines. This lecture examines the household and its interaction with the wider society as a dynamic social process through which we can interpret social organisation from the bottom up, using Neolithic Greece (6800–3300 BC) and the introduction and impact of the Neolithic way of life as examples.
The Neolithic period worldwide is characterised by complex and rapid transformations which brought huge changes in social structure and cultural practice of human history. Yet, traditional models of ‘Neolithisation’ tend to assume that novel re-orientations and developments are something that happens outside society to which people merely respond – for example, by settling down and creating permanent houses. The perception of the Neolithic as a neat package of discreet and fundamental characteristics (e.g. agriculture, sedentism and architecture) disregards historical context and social agency. The lecture argues that instead of viewing the household as a passive response to external forces and as ahistorical and stable, we need to investigate the deeper structure of societies and to reconceptualise the household as an active framework for social life, as a context for wider developments and transformations.

This approach is explored through an examination of the different manifestations of early settlement and materiality in Greece, the forms and role of houses, the creation of notions of ‘home’ and ‘community’, the multiple scales of space and time at which all this happened and the social relationships and identities that it involved. I begin with a brief interdisciplinary discussion of household and the approach developed in my own research. I then proceed to present how understandings and practices of households and communities were constructed in the first farming communities in Greece through architecture, material products, burials and rituals. The underlying argument of the lecture is that a social archaeological approach to household is crucial to a fuller understanding of social organisation as a dialectical, historical, and dynamic process.

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Aber mit ByzNeo hatte der - übrigens sehr gut besuchte - Vortrag nix zu tun, war eher früh-neolithisch.
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